We manufacture a wide range of samples cylinders for hydrocarbon and water sampling activities.These cylinders have been tested and proven reliability and certified accordingly by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

PVT Oil Sample Cylinder

  • Titan 700

Titus standard 700cc PVT sample cylinder is used for standard PVT sampling activities together with Titan 5000 gas cylinder from the surface separator. The cylinder can also be used for other pressurized sampling of hydrocarbon or formation water.

PVT Gas Sample Cylinder

  • Titan 20L

Normal 20L gas cylinder is also available according to the specifications required for PVT and hydrocarbon sampling requirements.

Micro Gas Sample Cylinder

  • Titan 150

Titus micro gas sample cylinder is dedicated for onsite analysis purposes. High pressure samples from Single-Phase Reservoir Sampler or wellhead can be transferred into this cylinder for immediate onsite analysis on micro-gc or others. High pressure rating of this cylinder provides assurance of safety in related to flashing activities from high pressure wireline or wellhead samples.

Other type of small sample cylinder is also available i.e. stainless steel and sulfinert type cylinder.

Single Phase Sample Cylinder

  • Titan 700-SPS

The single phase sample cylinder is used for monophasic sampling, transportation and storage. Single phase samples which are transferred into this cylinder are kept in single phase condition through maintaining the sample pressure above reservoir pressure. Nitrogen chamber provides pressure compensation due to heat effect during transportation or storage.